Hyperbaric eases Lyme symptoms

 I just want to thank you again for having this center and giving people with chronic illnesses some hope! At present, all of my Lyme disease symptoms are gone!  I will continue to tell others about your clinic. 

- 58-year-old female with persistent Lyme disease, after one month of unlimited hyperbaric oxygen therapy

BEMER eases low back discomfort

After just ten BEMER sessions, my low back pain is GONE! Thanks for bringing alternative health care opportunities to Shorewood - I'm sharing the word.

- 59-year-old male with low back discomfort

Circulation and Detoxification are Game Changers

“I have had great results with the BEMER and FIR sauna twice weekly for two months. I have improved energy, mood, and sleep. I went from sleeping an average 9 hours per night and relying on an alarm clock to sleeping 7.5-8 hours and waking up naturally. My brain fog diminished and I feel like I have the energy of a twenty-something. Before I committed to buying a BEMER for my home I decided to stop using it for 10 days to see what would happen; I had to use my alarm clock to wake and I was ‘hitting a wall’ at 2pm, just like before BEMER. These treatments have been a game changer for me.
— 39-year-old chemistry teacher, mother, wife

Children enjoy hyperbaric

I really appreciate all the help from Golden Rey staff.  My daughter seems very comfortable with treatments. We call it the "relaxation tent", and now she even requests to go into the relaxation tent!

- Mother of 6-year-old girl, after 3 hyperbaric oxygen treatments

Hyperbaric helps post-concussion syndrome

When I came to Golden Rey at the referral of my primary care physician, I was seven months into suffering post-concussion symptoms following motor vehicle accident. While some of my symptoms had abated over time, I was suffering from daily headaches, vision issues, brain fog, cognitive and memory recall problems, low to non-existent energy levels and rampant inflammation. These issues were severely limiting the quality of my life, affecting my work and my relationships, placing stress on my husband, and deeply affecting my emotional health. 

I purchased a monthly unlimited pass for HBOT, and after thirty 60-minute treatments I can say with confidence that I’ve noticed improvement in my health and a reduction of PCS symptoms. 

While HBOT is not the only tool in my arsenal, I do feel it has been one of the most powerful and effective pieces in this long journey back to health. I recommend it without reservation to others suffering from concussion-related injuries. 

- 30-year-old female with post-concussion syndrome

Sauna helps relieve stress

My stress level leaving (work) was 100 on a scale of 0-100.  I got into the far-infrared sauna and began to relax.  By the time my session was over I was completely relaxed. My mind had stopped racing and I felt at peace. I am so grateful to Kristen and Jake for giving us this opportunity to heal ourselves. 

- 55-year-old female

Gratitude for holistic care

Dr. Reynolds, you have become a powerhouse in your knowledge on both sides of the fence - Western medicine and natural alternatives. You have been able to walk the line and keep your day job. Your timing is everything. The acceptance of these alternatives and the info of their benefits is finally being heard and integrated, slowly but surely. I do hope if (my daughter) continues her medical studies, she veers towards the path you're currently taking.

Athletes Love BEMER

"I teach hip-hop fitness classes and I recover much more quickly. I tweaked my ankle and wrapped it with the B-pad and with just one treatment it was better."
39-year-old fitness instructor