Prolozone - ozone for knee and shoulder pain/arthritis

Image Courtesy of Bey-Om-Sin

Image Courtesy of Bey-Om-Sin

An ozone injection for the knee or shoulder is a simple procedure with tremendous potential for pain relief and cartilage regeneration. After injection of an anti-inflammatory solution containing procaine, B-vitamins and a tiny (nearly homeopathic) dose of steroid, ozone gas is injected into the joint space. The ozone gas, made up of 3 atoms of oxygen, quickly disseminates into the joint space and surrounding tissues, gives up one oxygen atom to become oxygen which is healing, but the resultant ozonides are what really heal - promoting stem cell release and repair of damaged tissue. Book your consult and subsequent ozone joint injection with Dr. Kristen Reynolds today! 

Prolozone Pricing (tax not included)

  • Initial consultation with Dr. Reynolds and clearance to proceed $200

  • Prolozone Therapy Single Joint Injection $200

  • Prolozone Therapy Two Joints Injection $375

  • Prolozone Therapy Three Joint Injection $475