Dry Needling

Dry needling is a very successful medical treatment performed by a licensed physical therapist. It is utilized to treat pain and dysfunction caused by muscle imbalances. Dry needling changes the way your body senses pain with both electrical and chemical changes associated with a trigger point release. Dry needling can be utilized for almost any area throughout the body including acute and chronic injuries.

What to expect?

Your therapist is trained in various needling techniques that require a specific length and thickness of  a fine filament needle appropriate for your condition and body size. The needle is inserted through your skin into the muscle.  You may feel an involuntary muscle twitch, burning, aching, or deep pressure. All of these are normal good sensations that result in pain relief and improved mobility. A typical session may last from 15-30 minutes depending on location and size of painful area.

Differences between Dry Needling and Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a complementary eastern medicine where the main goal is to alter the flow of energy (Qi) along the energy pathways or meridians. Dry needling is an alternative approach with evidence based literature involving the musculoskeletal system and trigger points and is more associated with manual therapy professionals versus acupuncture professionals.

Metal allergy
-Needle phobia
-Existing infection

-Local infection
-Emotional response from muscle memory
-Greatest risk: Pneumothorax

Relax tight muscles
-Relieves myofascial pain
-Improve range of motion and mobility
-Improve blood flow
-Decrease pain
-Alter muscle memory

-Blood thinning agents
-Less than 6 months after joint replacement

Myofascial pain syndrome is the most common cause of chronic and persistent regional pain, including shoulder pain, chronic back pain, tension-type headaches, and facial pain
— (Meyer 2002 Current Pain and headache Reports 2002. 6:27 4-283)

Pricing (subject to change)
$50 Evaluation and Initial Needling
$40 30-minute follow-up
$100 90-minute increment punch card

Contact for questions or to schedule
Jessica Gertz, DPT
Phone: 414-775-7525