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How BEMER works:

  • 30% increase in O2 utilization

  • 30% increase in nutrient bioavailability

  • 30% increase in disposal of metabolic wastes and toxins

  • Effects last 12-14 hours

Find relief from your pain:

  • The B-spot and B-pad provide enhanced treatments for problem areas (back and joint, tendon, head, bone or other areas of discomfort)

  • 90% of clients experience immediate relief after an 8-minute session with the B-spot or B-pad. Pain may return in the absence of regular applications. More frequent use leads to extended pain-free intervals

BEMER Pricing (tax not included)

$34/session – Gives you 12-14 hours of cellular benefit in just 8 minutes!

$249 - 10-pack which expires in 30 days (16 minutes maximum for spot application with the B-pad or B-Spot)

$349/month unlimited*– up to once daily during business hours (16 minutes maximum for spot application with the B-pad or B-Spot)

$10/extra 8 minutes - treat multiple areas of your body for a small additional fee

* Unlimited use package expires 4 weeks from date of purchase. If Golden Rey Energy Center closes on a regularly scheduled day during your 4-week unlimited session, we will extend the 4-week session by the number of days we were closed. Per policy, we do not extend unlimited 4-week packages based on client unavailability (due to travel or time away for other reasons) or for observance of national holidays.

Golden Rey Energy Center is a proud BEMER distributor. Click below for the official BEMER USA site, or contact us for more information on this innovative German-designed technology - subtle yet powerful!