Auricular Ozone

Auricular ozone (AO) or ear insufflation (EI) utilizes a stethoscope-type tubing to deliver an ozone-oxygen mixture to the outer ear canal, allowing the gas to gently diffuse through the ear drum. The ear buds rest gently at the entrance to the outer ear canal, allowing the gas to move both in and out. A fan and ventilation system are utilized in order to prevent inhalation of ozone. AO/EI is painless. Most people report a warmth in the ear and sometimes the taste of ozone.

AO/EI is used mainly to aid in recovery from tinnitus, vertigo, ear conditions, allergies, colds, sinus issues and sore throats. Many experts report that the ozone enters the lymphatic and blood system as well, and it is common for individuals to report improved function in other areas of the body.

Auricular Ozone Pricing* (tax not included)

  • 15 minute session $50
  • 5-pack - $200
  • BEMER/AO Combo 5-pack - $325